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What is it?

ZESOFT AdWare - zeta.exe

What does it do?

Details are sketchy, and it seems ZESOFT, the owners of the zeta.exe file, are no longer in business (atleast, zesoft.com doesn't seem to be working). According to this page on Paretologic.com, ZESOFT are associated with adware, specifically the AdWare.P2PNetworking, however zeta.exe itself is not mentioned there but it is adware regardless, probably just another name for the same AdWare.P2PNetworking, perhaps to create confusion.

Removal Instructions

To stop the ZESOFT process, go to Start, Run, and type in services.msc, click OK. Scroll down to ZESOFT, double click it, and then click the Stop button. Now click the arrow in the drop down window for Startup type and set it to Disabled. Click Apply, then OK. Make sure this phantom Service has not reactivated itself prior to any scanning of the system. Using a?popular anti-spyware program probably wouldn't hurt either.