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What is it?

What does it do?
Kazaa is the most popular filesharing application out currrently. Just like companies like Napster their days are numbered. Being number one in an industry like this means you'd better have some of the best lawyers that money can buy! This means you'd better have gobs of cash floating around which means selling your data and displaying ads. According to them they have no spyware. " No application included with your KMD installation, or KMD itself, collects personally identifiable information about users without their consent." and also " Kazaa Media Desktop contains banner advertising and the option to install other third party applications in order to remain free to the user." To sum it up, it may have some spyware type applications that are "optional" PLUS the ads themselves by alot of peoples definition is in fact spyware

Removal Instructions:
Kazaa adware & spyware removal