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What is it?

btstack.exe is associated with BidComm Bluetooth connection software.

What does it do?

Provides communication between bluetooth devices and computers.

More info:

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BTSTAC~1.EXE is made by a Third Party but is most likely safe

Startup DB Entries:
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Service DB Entries:
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Every attempt has been made to ensure the information about BTSTAC~1.EXE is accurate but alot of malware applications try to pose as valid applications. If it is something other than what was posted above please leave some feedback in the forum.
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User Comments
MarkI got the same thing & I cant delete the "missed event" from Skype. I too would appreciae an answer to this. Is it legit or is it Malware?
TehWhen I start my PC, there is a message pop out - BTSTAC~1.EXE. Can I know what is this? Is it harmful to my PC? Do I allow it to access?
BRAINSTORMI had the same, when I installed Skype. didn't find much usefull information with Google.
nave`I got the same thing not sure what it is?
wentami got it too and wondered about it.. please help
jimgurume too.. any body knows why???
kkdbi got the same notice in skype...i am wondering as well whether its a virus.
Asxits part of webcam application software for skype
Roseygirl13Believe has to do with your bluetooth devices & should be ok
mikeits skype looking for a bluetooth headsead and/or microphone
piaI have skype and a plug in with BTSTAC~1.exe arrived as an application. I cannot delete it? What is it? Is it safe or is it malware?
mati got a plugin authorization BTSTAC~1.EXE when i installed skype???? does anybody know why and if it a wirus or st?
MarkBTstac is just something that turns on when Skype's on and you have a bluetooth adapter turned on on your computer.
dougThe short version: this is a bit alarming, but almost certainly not malware. If you want to use a bluetooth device with skype, allow. If not, I recommend deny access because using fewer third party drivers means fewer points of potential failure. YMMV
RicardoGot the same in Skype. Should i allow it or not?
Richayyep - i wrote down the file name when it asked for permission, when I loaded skype the first time, on this bluetooth enabled computer i just got, which made me want to watch out, as got it used, for anything strange on it...
FMI haven not installed skype and have that process in my taskbar, consuming quite a lot of resources.
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