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What is it?
SPOOLer SerVice - spoolsv.exe

What does it do?
spoolsv.exe - The spooler service is responsible for managing spooled print/fax jobs

You will be able to end this through task manager!

More info

Virus Precaution:
The spoolsv.exe which is from Microsoft is located at c:windowsSystem32spoolsv.exe . We've been able to find several viruses that run as spoolsv to trick you.

Backdoor.Ciadoor.B - Symantec Corporation
Hacktool.Privshell - Symantec Corporation
VBS.Masscal.Worm (vbs) - Symantec Corporation
Graybird-A @ Sophos

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Spoolsv.exe is a Windows System File and should be in a system directory. If it is then this application is safe.

Startup DB Entries:
[Microsoft Spooler Services]"Added by a variant of the SPYBOT WORM! See here" b
[Print Spooler]"Added by the CIADOOR.B TROJAN! Note - this is not the legitimate spoolsv.exe which is always located in %System%. This one is located in %Windir%" b
[Spoolsv]"Added by the CIADOOR.121 VIRUS! Note - this is not the legitimate spoolsv.exe which is always located in %System%. This one is located in %Windir%" b
[SunJavaUpdatSched]"Added by the BANCBAN-NP TROJAN! Note - this is not the legitimate spoolsv.exe which is always located in %System%. This one is located in %ProgramFiles%\MSN Messenger" b

Service DB Entries:
Print Spooler (Spooler) Used for Fax and Printing. Unknown owner :Location: C:WINDOWSsystem32spoolsv.exe


Every attempt has been made to ensure the information about Spoolsv.exe is accurate but alot of malware applications try to pose as valid applications. If it is something other than what was posted above please leave some feedback in the forum.
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User Comments
DutchmanThis was my solution: GoTo your Control Panel / Printers and check all printers. One off them (prob. the MS Office Printer) is tryinf to print. Cancel qand remove all these printjobs. This ends my problem. (so NOT a virus or something else!) Gr@ll
JoeThis worked for me - I accidently chose a non-default printer and a large print job was running and could not print. spoolsv.exe process kept running every time I restarted the computer after ending the process from task manag
BillI started using a Mac and the problem went away :-)
DejiI always just end it for space :D
markMy power went out and I had to restart my computer with Windows XP home Edition. Received an AOL safety message: Spooler SubSystem App is requesting access to internet. Path: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\spoolsv.exe I've never received this message before. Evidently it was installed or modified 8/18/10. We installed a Canon Printer a couple of months ago, but haven't had any probs printing. Should I allow access to internet? Thanks
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