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What is it?
ViewPoint Toolbar - viewmgr.exe

What does it do?
ViewPoint Toolbar will hijack your search queries and also transmits non personally identifiable information back to their servers (It's still data therefore spyware as far as I'm concerned.) Here is a quote from the review.

"This free toolbar offers a way to save bookmarks in visual form, as well as a fairly capable pop-up blocker. The Viewpoint Toolbar has an attractive, compact interface that quickly expands when necessary. For example, if you want to view screenshots of bookmarks, you simply click a button to scroll through all images. Though the thumbnails are rather small, they are big enough to give you a general overview of a page's contents. The thumbnails have as annotation text from the search results, so you can quickly understand what a page is about. The pop-up blocker was mostly effective in our tests, except with floating ads, though its performance seemed a bit slow. You can specify whether to allow ads from a certain site and whether to display an icon and play a sound when the toolbar blocks ads. You'll also find a basic search function powered by Yahoo's engine. Since it offers a rather unique way to store bookmarks and doesn't cost a dime, we can see how Viewpoint Toolbar makes a beneficial addition for many Web surfers."

Unlike a lot of the crap we see around here this does offer something that is somewhat useful.

Removal Instructions:
I've posted my ViewPoint Toolbar Removal instructions here:
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ViewMgr.exe is Spyware!

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