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What is it?
Indexing Service - cidaemon.exe

What does cidaemon.exe do?
If you use Microsoft Indexing Service, cidaemon.exe might explain the high CPU utilization. This process builds and updates the Index catalog and typically uses a lot of CPU time. However, cidaemon .exe is also set to run at a low priority, so it usually doesn't degrade the performance of the system even if it's at a high CPU level.

The Filtering component coordinates filtering of files. Its output is called a word list. This component is called by the Indexing component.
The CiDaemon.exe file contains the Filtering component. One executing instance of CiDaemon.exe exists for each Indexing Service catalog.

Microsoft's information page.

Virus Precautions:
You'll want to keep an eye on this google search for any known viruses. The normal location of cidaemon.exe is C:WINDOWSsystem32cidaemon.exe If its not running in that location you'll want to reference some virus DBs and/or scan for viruses.

search Trend Micro.

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cidaemon.exe is a Windows System File and should be in a system directory. If it is then this application is safe.

Startup DB Entries:
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Service DB Entries:
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Every attempt has been made to ensure the information about cidaemon.exe is accurate but alot of malware applications try to pose as valid applications. If it is something other than what was posted above please leave some feedback in the forum.
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User Comments
dmgservices.msc. Disable indexing service if you don't use it
KateCidaemon.exe is in my system32 folder, but is it normal that 'cidaemon.exe' appears in two different rows of the list of the processes which Windows runs at startup? Why does my system run the same program twice? Thanks
audelsir, cidaemon is always running on my system, in consume 50% of my processing just an ordinary user , dont know what to do.. by the its running on system32 folder..
wguruI have it in my system32 folder, but concerns me anothe similiar named file in is my windows/prefetch folder ( and the file is much larger and currently dated as opposed to the one in sys32 folder.
jhumphrI have exactly the same problem as wguru, should I delete the file? Or will that break my computer?
ManoU can also disable the indexing service: 1 - Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services 2 - Double click "Indexing Service" 3 - Set "Startup type" to "Disabled" 4 - Press button "Stop" 5 - Ready... U probably wont miss this feature at all. When disabled cidaemon.exe is not running anymore.
MikeIt is normal for it to run twice Kate. It is just indexing 2 different... indexes :) Also, like the above mentioned cidaemon uses all the available clock ticks that it can but will always let other programs use them first, so don't worry. If it is using a lot of resources and not "bowing out" to other programs you should consider scanning for viruses. Also... The windows prefetch file is more that just the executable. It could contain the actual index itself (not sure if it does) but, anyway, prefetches being way bigger than the origional file is normal and ok. Hope this helps somebody. Just trying to be friendly. Later.
nameR0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = c:\secure32.html R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Local Page = c:\secure32.html
BruceCThanks Mano for that info. It gave me a good idea of where to look ... if you are on a 'SOE' laptop you may not be able to access Admin Tools from Control Panel - but it is possible to access Services from the My Computer icon on the Desktop and then under Services I could find the Indexing Service! (It definitely was causing significant CPU activity which was causing the Laptop to heat up even more and the fan to run almost continually.)
HK Markcidaemon has been running flat our on my laptop for a week now, the fan practically burning a hole through the bottom of my laptop. I tried unchecking the indexing on the drives without effect. Only Mano's advice as worked - many thanks
mimsyIt was recommended I uninstall the indexing service to fix my serious lag problem. Yup, it helped BUT then I started getting an infinite loop problem with my video driver. I started running the indexing service again and so far (fingers crossed) my loop problem is a thing of the past. I thought I was going to have to get a new card :(
CarlTheCoderTurn it off -- its useless.
Jude A CThanks Mano and you all; it was a bbother to me also, but I will disable it from services.
TetraYou can also get to it by 1. Start -> Run... -> Services -> 2. Uncheck the "Indexing Service"
GeofI have three iterations of cidaemon.exe running right now. These apparently all refer to my C:/ drive as it is the only hard drive. What exactly is meant above by "indexing 2 different ..... indexes? What indexes? What DIFFERENT indexes? How many indexes is the norm???
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