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What is it?
ATI Catalyst - cli.exe

What does cli.exe do?
cli.exe quote's are from the startup DB. There are 2 primary listings. One is called cli.exe systemtray and it is:
"System Tray access to ATI's CATALYST? CONTROL CENTER. Note that this has "SystemTray" appended to CLI.exe in the "Command" column of MSCONFIG. Not required to run the control center - which is available via a right-click on the desktop"

The second entry is called cli.exe runtime.
"ATI's CATALYST? CONTROL CENTER. Required if you want to change graphics settings on a regular basis but you must have internet access and Microsoft's .NET framework installed. Note that this has "runtime" appended to cli.exe in the "Command" column of MSCONFIG. If not you can start the program manually via Start -> Programs -> ATI Catalyst Control Center -> Advanced -> Restart Runtime "

Neither is needed by windows.

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cli.exe is made by a Third Party but is most likely safe

Startup DB Entries:
Nothing Found

Service DB Entries:
Nothing Found


Every attempt has been made to ensure the information about cli.exe is accurate but alot of malware applications try to pose as valid applications. If it is something other than what was posted above please leave some feedback in the forum.
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User Comments
TimI would HIGHLY suggest removing this process. I have an ATI graphics card on my pc, I started experiencing significant slow down on my PC. The activity monitor showed my CPU constantly around 60%, with NO corresponding application responsible for this ( the system idle application read at 95% ). All my internet activities were slow, causing major lags in world of Warcraft. The installation of the CLI.exe requires the framework. When I removed this, my cpu dropped down to 5% utilized again. As it's not needed (unless you change graphics settings often), it's just NOT WORTH loading and getting hit by performance problems from that. What's more, it's not correctly monitored. BTW, no viruses or ad-ware are present on my pc.
pomDomzYes i have the same symptoms as dane, as soon as i put it on and restart it would give me unable to load please terminate popups, uninstalled and don't have any problems. why would ati make something so buggy?
daneso you're saying it's safe to remove cli.exe? whenever i start my computer up my computer spams errors involving something to do with cli.exe being not able to load something.. should i jus remove it?
PaceI've had the cli.exe loaded for some time now. Just recently it starting trying to access the net. I never give it full time permission. When I give it temp. permission, it trys to access the net a half hour later. It does this constantly. Is this normal?
JordanThe errors you were getting are probably because .net framework was not installed.
MegaSame problem here... it is running THREE times. Noticed immediate system slowing. Latest .Net Framework IS installed
RandyYeah this is great and all, but nobody wants to tell me HOW TO REMOVE CLI.exe. Everyone just wants to talk ABOUT removing it, but not how. Help.
nameAll you need to do is removed the ATI software from system
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