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What is it?
Windows Defrag - dfrgntfs.exe

What does it do?
This is the process in Windows 2000 and XP that handles the file defragmentation process. This helps to speed up things like opening and reading files which will make it so that your applications run as fast as they can on your system. NEVER end this process, if you do it can cause corruption in whatever file it was processing when you ended it.

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dfrgntfs.exe is a Windows System File and should be in a system directory. If it is then this application is safe.

Startup DB Entries:
Nothing Found

Service DB Entries:
Nothing Found


Every attempt has been made to ensure the information about dfrgntfs.exe is accurate but alot of malware applications try to pose as valid applications. If it is something other than what was posted above please leave some feedback in the forum.
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User Comments
CherokeeIhave two instances of DfrgNTFS.exe running in my processes! Is this Normal?
ZetaI am getting the same message as mike. Does anyon e know what this is?
ThomasI got this problem, that when i'm going to Defrag C:\ (My windows drive) My computer crashes, and it says : We've found a bug in DfrgNtfs.exe and it must be ended. I can't defrag it. Anyone know why?
mikeMy ZoneAlarm says DfrgNtfs.exe is "...trying to access the internet". asking me to either allow or deny access. Why would the defrag pgm need to access the internet? is this normal? Vista Home, running ZoneAlarm and AVG. thanks.
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