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What is it?
OrbitExplorer - dmserver.exe

What does it do?
adware plus possible trojan downloader! We highly suggest getting rid of this pest for security and system stability reasons.

This is some adware that you really should get rid of. " is a website search engine catering to a wide varity of groups. The goals of are to provide the most relevant content to any search. Our content is organized into categories accessible from our front page, and is as well searchable via keywords.

OrbitExplorer is an advertising supported software application that provides you with additional content and advertisements based on the Web sites you visit most! "

Removal Instructions:
Our guide has been posted here.

Also .
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dmserver.exe is Spyware!

Startup DB Entries:
[DM_server]"Comet Cursor adware" b

Service DB Entries:
Nothing Found


Every attempt has been made to ensure the information about dmserver.exe is accurate but alot of malware applications try to pose as valid applications. If it is something other than what was posted above please leave some feedback in the forum.
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