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dwwin.exe Application Error
One of the biggest things being searched for on this site right now is dwwin.exe. The reason for this is because it displays during quite a few common fatal error messages.

First of all dwwin.exe is Dr Watson which is used by the error reporting tool. Alot of security related applications will throw up warning flags about this file trying to read, write or modify a number of other .exe files. This isn't anything to worry about because it's only trying to investigate "events" that it believes is causing problems that may lead to crashing.

File can be found:

The biggest complaint about the error reporting service is it causing alot of various applications to not load or crash during use. Quite a few of these can be fixed by downloading updates from windows update and scanning for viruses/spyware but alot of others simply won't be fixed with the currently available updates. In that case you'll want to just disable the service! After that 90% of the time the program will then run properly. I have been telling people to disable this service in quite a few of my guides. If you've found this article through a search engine you'll want to disable it now.

I've written an article dedicated to stopping this error reporting tool from running. Read it here. An overview of the error reporting process can be found @ Microsoft's site.

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dwwin.exe is a Windows System File and should be in a system directory. If it is then this application is safe.

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