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dwwin.exe Application Error
One of the biggest things being searched for on this site right now is dwwin.exe. The reason for this is because it displays during quite a few common fatal error messages.

First of all dwwin.exe is Dr Watson which is used by the error reporting tool. Alot of security related applications will throw up warning flags about this file trying to read, write or modify a number of other .exe files. This isn't anything to worry about because it's only trying to investigate "events" that it believes is causing problems that may lead to crashing.

File can be found:

The biggest complaint about the error reporting service is it causing alot of various applications to not load or crash during use. Quite a few of these can be fixed by downloading updates from windows update and scanning for viruses/spyware but alot of others simply won't be fixed with the currently available updates. In that case you'll want to just disable the service! After that 90% of the time the program will then run properly. I have been telling people to disable this service in quite a few of my guides. If you've found this article through a search engine you'll want to disable it now.

I've written an article dedicated to stopping this error reporting tool from running. Read it here. An overview of the error reporting process can be found @ Microsoft's site.

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dwwin.exe is a Windows System File and should be in a system directory. If it is then this application is safe.

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Every attempt has been made to ensure the information about dwwin.exe is accurate but alot of malware applications try to pose as valid applications. If it is something other than what was posted above please leave some feedback in the forum.
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User Comments
HassanHow i can remove that error ? dwwin.exe its coming when i shut down my PC. Plz help
PacidermizGuess the dwwin.exe is some form of bug... I have no Dr. Watson installed on my box. I just restrict it from the network and left it. if you want a copy or anything I send you a .rar or change it to a .org file or whatever, thanks for the info on your site.
lmfaoi jus searched it, allowed once on my zonealarm, and guesswhat! I tunes just closed on me...I hate error reporting tools by microsoft :|
AdalgisoIts not a bug, Dr. Watson is embedded in Windows, you don't have to install it and you can't uninstall it. just disable the service and it won't bother you.
...When I try to disable it the Services window crashes
blahyou can uninstall it if you using a program such as nlite, you could make a windows install disc that does not have watson on it
nameI Disabled it but it still ocmes up, any ideas?
BillThearticle on how to remove dwwin is blocked by our internet filter, classified as 'proxy avoidance' information. I figured out you just stop the 'Error Reporting Service' in Admin Tools|Services.
floyd craigmy dwwin.exe pop's up saying "no disk" referring to my card reader tied to my usb. just have to close 5 times.
dlrflI am having trouble with dwwin.exe or dllc\windows\system 32\1033\dwintl.dll is not a valid windows image.this comes up in box as soon as I turn computer on and will not go away. I can't even get to my start menu because of this.
PayneEverytime i turn off my pc. it shows the dwwin.exe error. and Since 2 days ago, when i use internet, it is too slow. Is that related with dwwin.exe? plz tell me
teei have numerous issue: i get all kinds of error reports and im going insane..i tried downloading something from limewire and since then my pc has been attacked and someone tried to gain access to my bank accounts..people are telling me to type edit boot.ini in the dos prompt and some say to tamper with my windows regristry and windows so lost and i have about 8 anti spywares now and i still get all these errors anyway.. everything i open says it needs to close even when i try and load something or scan my pc or anything i get messages of errors or it needs to so angry...i just want my pc back to normal and nobody has a answer for me that really will help me and get me back to normal
jroHow do you disable dwwin.exe?
RaggedyFree Performance scan my arse! How come it immediately takes you to a payment screen then???
...dwwin.exe is only visible or running when ANOTHER program has crashed, it is not the cause of your problems so please stop thinking it is. Some other application is crashing, which is why you see dwwin.exe start. Perhaps you should try fixing the faulty applications rather than trying to remove the crash debugger?
AlanClamwin antivirus has found dwwin.exe and says it is trojan.downloader-24725. Suspected there was a problem when PC turned itself on. I have found 3 instances of this file(cwindowsprefetch) (cwindowssystem32) (cwindowsservicepackfilesi386) I do not have Doctor Watson installed.
DejiWho needs to report errors anyway? lol
DaveI GOT THE SAME THING PAYNE!!! "Everytime i turn off my pc. it shows the dwwin.exe error. and Since 2 days ago, when i use internet, it is too slow. Is that related with dwwin.exe? plz tell me"
jayneeI got the sam problem as payne and dave. When I turn off my pc. it shows the dwwin.exe error Please help
fooli have opened task manager to check why my computer seems to be lagging and found dwwin.exe running under processes, its taking upto 95% of my cpu output. any suggestions as to removal
danieldwin.exe comes up in my taskmanager and then my computer auto reboots please help i am tired of trying to install antiviruses but the space of time the computer starts and reboots i don't have enough time please help me what to do email me at please i am desperate
The GeekTo everybody having trouble: Backup your machines and reinstall Windows.
MercuryDon't kill the messenger!!! dwwin.exe (the process for Dr Watson) is NOT the problem - it is attempting to report a problem in another process. The actual problem is occurring during system shutdown and when dwwin.exe attempts to pop up a box to tell you about it, it fails to do so. Disabling this service will just mean you don't find out about other problems and probably lead to an even less stable Windows environment. OK, it would be better if dwwin.exe logged details about the actual process failure during shutdown rather than attempt & fail to display them, but all the same, DON'T KILL THE MESSENGER!!!
bunnymy AVG kept on reporting that it is being affected by a virus called win32/heur and it cannot be removed because it is affecting an application (dwwin.exe) that cannot be removed. any ideas?
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