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What is it?

mssearchnet.exe is associated with the Trojan virus zlob.D

What does it do?

From semantec:

"When Trojan.Zlob.D is executed, it performs the following actions:

  1. Attempts to copy itself as the following file:


    Note: %System% is a variable that refers to the System folder. By default this is C:WindowsSystem (Windows 95/98/Me), C:WinntSystem32 (Windows NT/2000), or C:WindowsSystem32 (Windows XP).

  2. Drops the following file, which is a Windows type library:

    %System% compat.tlb

  3. Adds the value:

    "kernel32.dll" = "[TROJAN FILE NAME]"

    to the registry subkey:


    in an attempt to ensure that it runs every time Windows starts... ..."

More info and removal:

Read more about Trojan.zlob.D and how to remove it [url=]@ Symantec[/url]

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mssearchnet.exe is Spyware!

Startup DB Entries:
Nothing Found

Service DB Entries:
Nothing Found


Every attempt has been made to ensure the information about mssearchnet.exe is accurate but alot of malware applications try to pose as valid applications. If it is something other than what was posted above please leave some feedback in the forum.
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User Comments
rockGood one Reaper! I tried AdAware. I tried AVG (I'm into free stuff). Finally, your simple solution worked.
HaJi reformatted only 2 days ago, gave my family an account each and since then there has been 20 spyware signatures and 3 virus'...this is one!
ReaperThis is a stupid easy trojan to remove. I checked tonnes of walkthroughs, and people make this a lot more complicated than it is. If you're running Windows XP, just start up in safe mode, then do a system search for mssearchnet.exe and nvctrl.exe. Once you find all the correpsonding files (there should be 2 of each), delete them. Then run regedit in your command console and do a registry search for mssearchnet.exe. Everywhere mssearchnet pops up, nvctrl is there too. Just delete that entire branch, as nothing else is kept in those folders. Poof, trojan gone, not to return. Thanks.
ch2Thanks! Worked great. Would only add that also look out for dfrgsrv.exe, which should also be removed via the same procedure. It came bundled with the other two in my case.
dam427I'd love to dole out a shot to the head of the guy who makes this stuff.
Blitzethey always do reaper, however my question is how does it "copy" itself as the same name in the same directory???
bunneythanks reaper that was awesome, you're very right, i spent about 5hrs today looking through to get rid of it and installed all this antivirus and spyware crap that only slowed my computer down more... your way was the easiest and most effective so far. thx heaps
MilkInteresting note. mssearchnet.exe makes a little yellow yield sign appear in my task bar that tells me that I need to purchase specific anti spyware software, such as winfixer or spyhunter. hmm link anyone?
ToljoIn WinXP to prevent forever those files to execute go to: Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Local Security Policy - Software Restriction Polices - Additional Rules. Right click with mouse and chose "New Path Rule...". Write the path of the file "C:\windows\system32\mssearchnet.exe" and set The Secuity Level to "Disallowed". Then You can kill the process from the Task Manager and will never came back.
Ben DixonThank you for the fix, it does seem that they have introduced this trojan simply to encourage you to purchase their spyware removal software. Surely something can be done when the trojan points so aggressively towards their links time and time again.
shane maxfieldI would love to get ahold of the company responsable for these agressive tactics.
Danish989iz the same as that green wheelchair?! cuz thats what im getting removed it, but comes back! AND, more and more spyware gets downloaded from the internet! wats going on?!?
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