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What is it?
NVIDIA Driver Helper Service - nvsvc32.exe

What does it do?
nvsvc32.exe - For all of you that have video cards that utilize one of the Nvidia chipsets running under Windows NT4/2k/XP/2k3 they install a driver help service. We have emailed Nvidia asking them about this but haven't been able to get a response. I was able to to end this task without any issues.

There have been a number of reports that say this service is the root of some nasty shutdown slowdowns! Even though I haven't experienced this personally, Black Viper is a source that I trust and he has stated this service has caused extreme slowdowns during shutdown.

There's been a number of rumors posted that state that this is some form of spyware. I have not found it to transmit any form of data while I've been using it. I also don't believe Nvidia is stupid enough to package spyware and send it to their massive installation base.

You'll want to visit for more information about them and their products. You may also want to download the latest drivers from them.

Virus Precaution:
nvsvc32.exe is located at c:windowsSystem32 vsvc32.exe . We've been unable to find any threats that run as nvsvc32.exe to trick you.

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nvsvc32.exe is made by a Third Party but is most likely safe

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